Friday, July 12, 2013

Cons Are A Comin'

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by my colleagues at Sequart Research with a 4 day + Preview Night professional badge for the San Diego Comic Con. Yours truly will be there cavorting betwixt the costumed masses. I will not be cosplaying, but this is to your advantage. The first person to recognize me at the Con I will buy them a drink... or something. It'll be like "Where's Waldo: Failure Edition."

I have never been to a con.

I have heard that the experience is unique, and unlike anything that one could ever imagine. Recalling my experiences in college has lead me to believe that when I would find someone with similar interests, it would be comparable to finding a soulmate in Love's cruel ocean. Comic Con seems like an amplified experience complete with hordes of fans that read that thing you love so much. I have heard it to be a diverse experience, some moments riddled with anguish and others, well, joy. You will ask, "How did that twenty-something dumbass land a TV contract for the dumbest show I have ever heard of?" repeatedly, if not countless times. "I've crapped ideas that look more interesting than that!" you will reply. And on, and on.

Conventions serve I suppose to bring people together, but I long for the days when they served to bring the industry together. There was a time when E3 was for developers only, but now it seems that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can waltz into the monolithic thunderdome under the guise of "reporter" when all they do is write a blog about how much they love the Halo franchise. The exclusivity and collected oneness of the Con experience is compromised to serve the plebeians. Am I okay with that? Perhaps. As long as I get my free Walking Dead swag, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

It's funny that I say this though, because I've heard that actually going to a Con as a independent entity gets rather dicey. Imagine dropping a few thousand dollars on your "spot," an adequate location to vend your wares, only to find that you've been sequestered off in some godforsaken corner where the groundlings come to feed on the souls of the damned. It happens, much to the detriment of the people that go. I hear Wonder Con is better for the developing webcomic shmoe. Expect me and my artist Phil Kiner to be there to debut our graphic novel!

Am I excited though? Yes, definitely so! It will be a fun experience, a way to rub elbows with somebodies. My only hope is that Zack Snyder will be there so I can reprove him for his slaying of Superman.

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