Friday, June 7, 2013

What I Am Capable of in Peace Time, and ER Visit

I find it a novel experience to be now finished with Spirit of Orn, at least with the major writing sections. It's like I have this hole in my life that I can fill with sundry things like my neglected hobbies and Bioshock: Infinite. This week I have spent most of my free time inundating myself with Man of Steel propaganda. After so much time the wait is finally over!

I've had my fair share of illuminating and educational experiences this week, one of which learned me some very practical skills of deduction. When one works out at the gym it is assumed that at the onset of sudden fatigue, tingling, and nausea something cataclysmic is being undertaken in the body. For me it was dehydration. The kindly staff called the paramedics, which I kindly accepted. I did turn down the ambulance ride however. Even with insurance I have heard them costing as much as $3000. Of course it was only after this that I learned my company's health package was now offering $200 rides. Good to know.

All things considered it's been quite the week.

Today my artist that I am contracting to illustrate Spirit of Orn is stopping by. In my apartment I have a plethora of comic books, photographs, and internet tabs at the ready for his perusal into my creative subconsciousness. It's very difficult for me to relate exactly what I want in my mind. It's just so expansive and bombastic that ultimately I just confuse the artists and musicians that I desperately cling to. "Understand me!" I shout at them.

Generally that works, sometimes...

I am on the cusp of some exciting ventures these days, one of them being a teaching English in Japan program. It's weird because, in doing something like that I must weigh my options. If I do something like that I must be certain that I am prepared to spend and inordinate time away from my close friends and family. The novelty of the experience as well as the gratuitous compensation is my primary goal. There are loans to be paid off (not mine of course), and this I find would be the ticket to doing so in a short period of time. I also would be able to save up money to go to graduate school. It's something that I should probably think over. If any of you have done something comparable, please inform me. I am curious to get a good vantage point of these experiences from all angles.


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