Friday, June 14, 2013

Cold Turkey

With the abundant saturation of cross promotion in entertainment it's easy to get attached to a variety of movements from within the sphere. It's like having some vicarious feeding tube that nourishes the soul until it's finally disconnected at the cathartic fulfillment upon experiencing the media product in question. But lawdy! I can't get enough of the cast interviews and promo material!

Man of Steel is one of those things. You have all these unmistakable qualifying factors for success: Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and David Goyer. How could it not be good? I haven't seen the film, but something has been robbed of me via websites like Rotten Tomatoes and the milieu of salacious rumor authorities. My friend however since the point of Superman's conception has never seen a trailer, promotional photo, or even an article relating to the film's anticipating turnout. He's gone in Cold Turkey. Imagine that.

There was a time when that was all one can do. I vaguely remember the trailers from the 90s when I was still a wee child, but they weren't like the one's from This is the End. Don't get wrong, I loved the movie, but that trailer contains 90% of the funny.

But then we have this.

That was the trailer for The 5th Element. Sweet Jesus! There's no dialogue or anything. It's just some house music being looped over world-building visuals and tantalizing questions. The internet was still around, but definitely not in the power that it is now.

I guess it's my fault. Now I'm going in with low expectations. Now I'm going in with inflated skepticism. Now it's all up to Zack to make me not hate what he's trying to do. I envy my friend's devotion to cinema. Working in the movie industry probably leaves one with so much over exposure that it takes preventative measures to still enjoy movies. I imagine that the same goes for being a chef while also being constantly disappointed when going out to eat with friends at restaurants.

Nevertheless, the public has never been very friendly towards Zack's work. I will not defend the dog shit that was Sucker Punch. (That was just too much.) All his movies are worthily constructed. Watchmen carried all the depth and sophistication of the original work save for a few major flaws in the plot towards the end, but I liked that movie! Maybe I'm just a fanboy, but I will choose to love Superman going in. He's our only hope for a Justice League movie, dammit!


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