Friday, May 3, 2013

One Huge Pain in My Ass

Some Updates for You:

Thus far the week has gone pretty well. I myself am pretty pleased with my last Sequart article. It was a doosy to write, but probably my favorite to research. I look back on my writing and watch how it's improved over the weeks and I am happy that I found those guys. Great practice for me, and great work for them. It's a win win on all fronts.

Earlier this week I cut my finger on a piece of glass at work. Three stitches! But hey, sometimes you have to make mistakes that compromise the expediency of your running projects! I actually hate being immobilized primarily because I can't maintain my regimen of fitness. Soon I will look like some out of work 80's action star. Oh God, I'm becoming David Hasselhoff...

I am also very excited to finally see Iron Man 3. I'll talk about the next week, somehow.

Spirit Of Orn is nearly finished. It was as if yesterday I started my third revision. What I find funny about the whole thing though is that in my edits I found myself writing much better material only a few months ago. In the final stages of my impending creative freedom I have sequestered myself away in my darkened apartment only to find my final moments waning in enthusiasm. I've had to completely rewrite the final chapter, which is of course something I expected. It just takes so long. I feel like I have a sea lion hung across my shoulders.

Last night I finally bought the bus tickets to Norway. You have no idea how critical that step was in my planing. Finally, my Wife and I can travel to this distant locale with the peace of mind that we can sleep on a bus instead of an airport chair, bound overnight to our location. The final step of my plans is to convert my travel budget income into Norwegian Kroner. It's so marvelous when things go your way! And you wouldn't believe these buses. WIFI on every bus and comfortable chairs! $42 to travel 500 miles to a backwater village? Good Lord, why aren't we socialists?

Anyways, I am in love with life right now. Jesus is lining up all the ducks and I am missing most of them (but hitting the main ones)! Next week I promise a better story for Wednesday, in my handicap and the procurement of my meds I was unable to post one until later in the afternoon.

See you all next week!


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