Friday, May 24, 2013

My Time In Norway (Featuring Special Guests)

By the time you read this I will be in Norway. My sole desire is to post pictures regularly to the blog, chronicling my pilgrimage to the Caucasian holy lands, but for safe measure I am putting this up to assuage your troubled minds.

I am here! Cognizant and present like a madman conceiving his corporeal reality!

I will say this though...

I loved the new Star Trek film.

Generally when old franchises are resurrected from the stygian necropoli of Hollywood film vaults, I am in a state of flux between optimism and pessimism. It was my hopes that the Transformers films would cater to the older flavor of the television program, yet in doing so I realized how shallow the plot of the series actually was. These permeating auras of mediocrity could only be amplified by Michael Bay's ghostly subtlety in promising action meth and delivering shavings of battery corrosion.

I found Star Trek: Into Darkness rather refreshing though. There were so many throwbacks that I wish I brought my glove to catch all the zingers I caught in the darkness of the theater. This is where I ought to mention that the following notes are spoilers, but before I blab I will strategically speak on my familiarity of the franchise.

I started out a Trekkie in my youth. My father owned the anthology of films that spanned the late 70s and early 80s. I watched all of them, hungry for the elderly men that would entertain me and make me believe in modern utopianism. I have watched Star Trek: First Contact so many times that I can quote it line for line. I prefer Shatner's crew over Stewart's but I love the leadership Jean-Luc Picard employs. He is always so certain of what he does, yet can remain skeptical of human nature. It's pretty fascinating actually.  But then Star Wars came and the rest is history. Light Sabers and dualism win, every time.

As I was saying about spoilers...

The new Star Trek completely surprised me. I had expected Khan, though kept my  mind open to other new inventions of Abrams's wit, but I was completely blindsided by the parallel accounts of the Wrath of Khan and Into Darkness. Spock screaming "KHAN!" after Kirk's heroic death behind a wall of glass was glorious. Introduction of experimental photo torpedoes? Marvelous! It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I would even wager it better than the first. Why? It's a remake with quips and puns that give kudos to the original material. That alone redeems it.

I hope I can supply you all with pictures of my travels. Let us pray for victory!


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