Friday, May 10, 2013

Dramatis Personæ

Normally I wouldn't do this, but I feel strangely enamored with the whole situation, it's intricacies and how it turned out. I am effected directly, caught in the crossfire, no way out. I feel like I am in an action movie from the 80's.

My secret Identity, when I am not writing books/comics/blogs, is that of a lowly technician position at a medium sized brewing facility. I don't speak much to it frankly. I must hide it, for the benefit of my friends, family, potential contractors, etc. They say one must refrain from quitting their "day-job" and I have done just that, valiantly so. But within the hodgepodge of the broken american spirit conflict arises that both befuddles and amuses me.

Yesterday it came to my attention that last week one of my co-workers initiated an epic conflict on the scale of the biblical. It was more of coup d'état than anything, a drunken grab for power that had no hope of winning. Information was fabricated, disseminated, and sown among the proletariat,  and now the crimson tides of war are brewing. 

My God, is this what people do in their spare time?

Consider the reality: a fallen union, a disparaged team member(s), and a red scare. Why do things like this need to happen. I am under no fantasy that the "day-job" is a glorious undertaking. It is a grueling, belaboring mistress that robs one of his twenties until that fateful day when an angel descends from heaven to extract him from the festering refuse. (Mine arrived earlier, but the economy was/is bad. Go figure.) So now, in going to work, I must endure this. Whatever possessed this lowly servant to rise up in rebellion against my fellow compatriots is mysterious and malevolent. Apparently this had happened before in another section of the brewery, and now Ivan the Terrible has come to spread his cancer to our resilient labor force. This can only be bad for all of us. Lawd Ha' Merceh!

On a side note though, I have successfully completed my third draft of Spirit of Orn. I am very excited about it, naturally. My wife now steadily edits it, and hopefully by July I will have something to look through and then have ready for publishing. After I am done I will give it out to people and see what they think. Not before copywriting it though. After these past couple of days, I am suspect of all things. 

Oh! and I am going to Norway with peace of mind for all my affairs are now in order! Huzzah!

I have to hand it to Nettbuss Ekspressbuss for the very affordable tickets. I love it! 

That is all internet, have a glorious weekend. 


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