Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jeg Vil Ikke Dø for Jeg Vil Spise på Valhall

Lately I've become enamored with Skaldic Poetry. Here is an attempt written in a fixed meter of lines alternating between 4 and 5 syllables with a finishing couplet of 4 syllable lines. Maybe next week I'll tray to add more alteration, but for now this is pretty great.

A man wanders
through valley and snow
seeking his home.
Sun and moon beset
in Ymir's skull
guide him to his home
But wearily
wand'ring warrior
will not know the
hall that bore him.

His trek through sleet
and the mountain pass
holds great secrets
so sacred that Men
never told them.
The winter peak claims
many trav'lers.
He is not afraid.
Death will come soon,
die now he not.

“I see the hills
of my father's land,"
says he the man.
"An adversary
today I found.
The snow will bite me
as bear will try.
Rock and ice I meet.
Battle I thee
my Fatherland.

"My hand is lost
but my shield stands high
to block the wind
from my troubled face.
My leg grows tired
burning and broken.
Trouble me not,
I will die proudly.
I stand 'gainst fate.
With sword in hand.

"Greet me, my land.
You are closer now
I see your light
that shines in the night.
Where I will go
my betters will sing
praise to Odin,
who tells my brave tale.
Tonight I die
And Valhǫll go."

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