Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forklaringen av Albans Hevne Seg

In days long past
when fighting raged
ruled Varg justly,
King of Tyskland.

Father of one
a raging wolf,
Alban, his son,
loved deeply by all.

One high moonrise,
Treachery brewed.
Ewald, proud brother,
friend to King Gerd,
Poisoned his kin.

Alban bitter, wept,
declared that justice
be sought for Gerd.
Tyskland's true king.

Ewald's guilt was true,
as he sought the throne,
and Alban knew
what he must do:
Challenge Ewald's might.

On eve of Sahwain
Alban asked a duel
Of Ewald and won.
As blood stained snow
crept Ewald's life
closer to Valhall.

But Alban's pact
made with the High,
sealed Ewald's fate
Forever more
in fire lands south:
Muspelheim, to death.

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