Friday, April 5, 2013

Farewell Roger Ebert, Hello Norway

I was shocked when I heard of Roger Ebert's passing yesterday. After reading his blog post on Tuesday he mentioned his taking "A Leave of Presence," I think the news, and it's sudden effects, compounded the significance of the post. One does not always get a final hurrah, so I consider him lucky.

I think what affected me was his craft. Critiquing is a difficult art. All too often we see on the internet those that critique television, video games, or movies, and realize that they are only enamored with the ability to put down and dish out negativity. While Ebert was recognized as one who shined best in his righteous cinema fury, his style has always ebbed and flowed between honest and unbiased. Were I to sit down with the man, I suspect we would disagree over a whole host of matters, but the world needs less people that we can simply agree with. It needs more honest good-natured people like Mr. Ebert, and for that he will be missed.

It's getting so close to the Norway Trip that my wife and I have been planning that it's almost surreal to think that soon I shall be standing before the Urnes Stave Church in Sogn og Fjordane county Norway. I have been to Europe twice before, but both times were tainted. I don't think children should be allowed to visit countries with things in them that are over a thousand years old. It's a waste. I only appreciated Europe on my return after college when I traveled the region with a tour group, which is saying a lot. I was miserable the whole time because out of the handful of people that went a group of ugly american assholes ruined nearly every city with their drunken escapades. I've never heard of someone maxing out a credit card on sundry purchases, yet somehow they managed to close a card with alcohol and mixed drinks soley on the tab.

Anyways, when we do go to Norway, we shall be flying into Oslo Lufthavn and taking a bus from there to Solvorn. The time table is looking like this:

Leave Monday at 8:10pm, arrive 8:20pm Tuesday in Norway, Take overnight bus from the airport to Solvorn.

Naturally I simplified the itinerary. Suffice to say, the trip was worth every penny. I found a great place called Eplet Bed and Apple to stay at. Imagine a country bead and breakfast, but a hostel, but with locked doors, and you have Eplet Bed and Apple. Great place! The region is so remote that there are no ATMs in the immediate area, which is horrifying and intriguing simultaneously. I plan to go mountain biking with my wife and read the entire time.

On another note, I have great news! Expect to see my web comic going up this summer. With details finalizing and Spirit of Orn nearly complete I am ready to commit to the next project. Expect great things to come! I can say with confidence that this has been a very productive week.


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