Friday, April 26, 2013

A Mire of Postmodern Filth

My life seems to be on the crux of some monumental event that I can neither see or predict at this point. Things happen, and events coalesce into moods and circumstances that output favorable affectations towards the journey one calls life. If only I knew what to do about it!

That's been life after college thus far. I graduated in 2010, and three years later each subsequent year away from academia is frightening and dubious. I miss the collegiate scene, the reading, the free gym membership; it's like I am clawing away at a hole in the ground while my contemporaries are whisked away into the corporate Valhalla above, where Vodka tonics are squeezed and pressed from the udders of mystic goats and every night it's Kimchi from that Korean place downtown that nobody making under six figures has ever heard of. But I am hopeful.

More or less...

The day when Spirit of Orn is finished I will be filled with joy. There's a stack of books/comics waiting to be read on my book shelf that have been driving me crazy. Earlier, right after college I bought NT Wright's series on the historical Jesus, and I've finished the first one so far. It took me a year but I did. I'm about 80 pages into the second one right now, with about 1400 pages to go until the series is finished. It's very engrossing, and I consider them collectors items.

I am getting ready to announce the name of my new graphic novel that I will be releasing online with my friend Phil Kiner. It will be awesome. Awesomeness Guaranteed!

Also Spirit of Orn will feature illustrations. Get ready for that. between me and the artist that I am in the process of contracting we plan about 1-2 illustrations per chapter. It's a very exciting prospect  and we shall get that rolling in January of next year. Stay tuned for principal sketches and sneak peaks!

That's all I got for you today. My heart goes out to those who were injured in the Boston Marathon  as well. Jesus is still King, even in tragedy.


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