Friday, April 12, 2013

A Grant Morrison Holiday

So my wife, in working for the publishing company that we each intern at, collected a fistful of dollars for some books that she proofed a few days ago. So after allocating the money and setting aside what we needed for some auto maintenance and a wedding that she will be attending, I decided to buy Grant Morrison's The Invisibles Omnibus.

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I don't often splurge on comics like this, but my boys over at Sequart Research penned a delightful book that expounds on the whole thing. I'm excited to read them side-by-side and see what all the hub-bub is about.

Grant Morrison to me has always been a close analogue to Neil Gaiman.

Gaiman seems to possess the uncanny ability to make seemingly ordinary things extraordinary. He does it all the time in Sandman. In Marvel's 1602 he does it again, taking Elizabethan England and weaving in all the Shakespearean ethos of the day. Easily the best part of the comic is the transformation of the monk into Thor and being thrown into the dilemma that the universe possess non-Christian Gods.

But Morrison is another beast. In the same way that Gaiman creates profound stories and concepts, Morrison expands the psychology of the comicbook heroes we are so familiar with and gives them these profound monologues. All-Star Superman is probably the best Superman comic ever written, though Kingdom Come is, and always will be, my favorite. I hear though that The Invisibles is equivalent to Joyce's Ulysses in profundity, which can be good or bad.

Amazon has been good to me in the comic game however. Very soon I shall add yet another amazing comic to my expanding collection!

On a side note, I just started courting an artist to do illustrations for my upcoming novel Spirit of Orn. I expect it to be fully illustrated in color with something like 30 illustrations. Stay tuned for the artist announcement!


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