Friday, March 22, 2013

Dubious Decadence

There's 4 mega blockbusters coming out in the next two months and all of them look promising. Rarely do I get excited about movies, but in this case the weather out there looks pretty good as the climate for Hollywood shapes up.

I'm a big Superman fan, so Man of Steel looks really good. Like many others I've been trawling the internet for any glimpse of visual nuggets to feast on, but Warner Bros seems pretty tight lipped this time, which could be a very good thing. The famous opera piec"La donna รจ mobile" was covered up until opening night of Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto for the reason that it was so catchy that the impact of the opera would have been ruined. The song was important to the foundation of Italian unity in the min 19th century. Man of Steel, likewise, is the corner stone of the mythic Justice League mega-movie franchise. If it all goes well, maybe I will see Darkseid on the big screen after all.

 Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2 come out in May as well. These I'm excited for, but like any sequel they are just building onto the universe that's already there. There's not much original territory to be covered there. Pacific Rim, with it's goofy Lovecraftian story, is a good example of an original concept getting unleashed onto the unsuspecting public. That being said the only allure of a creature feature is the novelty of the content, but without the depth and range of developing characters we may just get another Hellboy. They were cool movies, in that they looked cool, visually and conceptually, but the characters were so two dimensional that you could of watched the movie just as easily in the theater lobby looking at the cardboard promo material.

I didn't mention this but a few weeks ago Neil Gaiman RT my Sequart article.

I was pretty blown away and honored that he thought is was good. Generally when a world famous author does that you're supposed to be, right? I've been told by my boss Julian at Sequart that it's good to feel okay about that, but not let it go to your head. Getting into the comic book/author business is a tricky game. You don't win awards over night. Just like Gaiman, I probably wont gain notoriety until I'm in my forties, if that. But a young man can dream, no pun intended.

Yesterday I paged out the Spirit of Orn book, and got a better idea of when I would be finishing it. Right now I'm looking at completing the third and final revision in early May. Once my wife is done editing it I'll be sending out advance copies to friends and family to tell me what they think about it. After making edits and changes based off of their feedback, I'm sending it off to my buddy Phil for the illustration work. Things are promising. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my latest project, a web based graphic novel, that I'll be undertaking this fall. I expect the first issue to be out around October. Stay tuned for concept sketches!


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