Thursday, February 14, 2013

Graduation and New Layouts

Well, It's been a great week thus far. I've been tidying up a lot of things in Spirit of Orn and my Sandman series debuts next week on Sequart, so I feel like it's time for a face lift for the blog.

I have something for you first.

This is a screen shot for the original layout of the curriculum that I have been slaving away at for the last few weeks. If you are ever curious as to the methods behind my madness, look no further. If you ever want to tackle large projects, outline, outline, outline! Makes a whole world of difference believe me.

On the second order of business I am undertaking a new blogging regimen that will be a little more intensive, but the content that I shall reward you will will be frothy. I say frothy because the upcoming material will be wild and unsettled, but still carrying substance. I didn't want to say creamy, because that's gross.

Anyways, each week from now on I plan on to post in three categories. 

Monday - I still want to do literary theory posts, so here I'm going to select parts of my upcoming book, and explain to you the underlying reasons why I did what I did in the story. My hope is that not only will you be able to get exposure to more of my material, but that I can continue educating you with material that directly relates to the world I have been building for like, 4 years (Jesus...). 

Wednesday - Flash fiction! [Now without gratuitous nudity] I've been longing to do this for a while, but I plan on writing a flash fiction that occurs within my universe every Wednesday from now on. The goal is to make my stories 500 words or less. Hopefully that is not too difficult.

Friday - I once wrote on here that I never wanted to appear as pretentious or self absorbed, and a lot of that sentiment has begrudgingly taken hold in me. In the interest of being more open, I've decided to keep a journal open here on various topics (current events, religion, writing, collaborations, etc.). It's a pretty standard edition, but I figured it would be therapeutic (mostly). 

It's been great so far doing this. Sequart has been huge for me, and I also plan on writing a webcomic fairly soon with a friend that attends the Art Center in Pasadena. He's a brilliant illustrator, and I hope to soon show you what I've got planned. Until then, I hope you all have enjoyed this. I enjoy it. Don't be afraid to ask questions! See you, Monday.


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