Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recovering from Seclusion

I apologize for being away a week. These things happen when you get married. I am not sorry.

While in Lake Arrowhead, being supplied a cabin from one of my good writing friends, I had the opportunity to refine my calling and outlook on this current endeavor. Briefly I desire to share this with you. Alas, this means no tutorials today, but I promise they will resume on Thursday.

When I started this blog my intention was rather noble: increase my familiarity to the betterment of my novel that I am currently writing. Likewise I battled the urge of appearing pretentious in my mission. Many blogs are mausoleums, merely mounting to the self aggrandizement of one's menial hobbies and philosophical quips. I want to remain true to this original schematic. Though I may be a fool speaking to the cavernous darkness in vain, a fool of pure conscience I'd rather be.

So I volunteer your aide, your assistance in my journey. If at any moment you want me to deviate from my current course and explore a particular area, I welcome the challenge; otherwise I will continue in my pursuits unabated. This is important to me. I want to be challenged and moved. I ask that you afford me this honor.

On Thursday we will discuss character emotions. Stay tuned!

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