Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interlude Part II

This is a continuation of the shirt story of my last post. Next week we shall discuss in length the techniques I employed in this narrative. For now, I hope you enjoy!

It was when my arms began to feel cold, that I knew my time was coming. Wolf was still at my side, hazily looking off into the martian sky, waiting for my spirit to release. His face, fading away into a grey haze of overexposed film, was the last thing I saw as my eyes rolled back into my skull.

I looked down again over my body, as Wolf placed his hand over my chest in mourning. I was dead. With the care of a mortician, Wolf placed a thin white gown over my body, stood up, and began to walk away into the jungle, back to the pod. I couldn't help but feel angry. His apathy was subtle, outrageous.

When I turned around, a glowing creature was standing there, looking down at my body unassuming, and then looked back up at me with serene expectant eyes. When I saw it, two sets of lids opened revealing  it's other eyes.

"Welcome to Ptob."

My head bobbed drowsily, suddenly feeling weak. I could understand him, somehow enriched in death beyond my reasoning. Slowly he extended his hand towards me, beckoning me to step forward.

 "What are you?" I asked.

"I am of the ether, an inhabitant of Ptob."

"I'm dead," I countered, "You can't be real. Probably just the last of my neurons firing away before my brain dies."

"A reasonable conclusion, but I fear you are among the living. Our people long ago learned to shed our mortal coil. We exist beyond now, suspended in the ether."

"So you killed me to communicate with me?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes. Our people wanted to welcome you."

"But now I'm dead..."

"Death is liberating. Embrace it. Come home to us."

"No thanks," I said looking down at my body in apathy, "I would rather not. This is too much."

The creature looked sad for a moment, looking down again at the body. Extending a hand over it, I suddenly felt a pull at my chest. It burned and flowed through my veins like ice, and like a weighted pillow, I fell into my body. There I awoke in a sweat, the world flooding my senses. Again I was alone in the jungle.

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