Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Word from the Author

People have always told me that I should start writing a blog.

I enjoy writing, but it's hard to write about yourself. So many people write themselves because they want to feel like they matter and they want people interested in their lives, but that's not why I wanted to start one. 

I wanted to start one to be transparent. I wanted to share with you all my hopes. I wanted to discard my masks and show you my true face.

This is what I do when I write. The hopes and dreams of my characters mingle with myself, and in essence are extensions of who I am as a person. So in a way, I write about my self; the stories are my memoirs. 

Now this may seem counter intuitive. Writing about yourself is very much the epitome of egotism. Then again, I have always been somewhat egotistical. So maybe this is just the way we write. We must appeal to the attention of others, otherwise they cease to care, and no longer desire to keep reading. 

But maybe you will be interested long enough to see that it always comes full circle. We write because we want people to care, to listen.

Will you listen?

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